Outdoor Space: Does It Add or Detract from an NYC Home’s Sale Price? via NewYork.com

Outdoor Space: Does It Add or Detract from an NYC Home’s Sale Price? via NewYork.com

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Vanessa Gad

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A private terrace is a perfect place to dine, relax and entertain no matter what city you live in. In New York City, that outdoor space goes beyond entertainment space and morphs into a truly special retreat from the city’s suffocating hustle and bustle. When you step out onto your personal patio,  it can feel like you own not just your apartment but a piece of the city itself.

An outdoor area is a valuable and rare feature in a New York City apartment. For one, it can significantly increase the size of your living space. I have a customer who has a 2,000-square-foot terrace, and her children bike, play ping-pong and throw a baseball out there – all without breaking anything in the apartment. This client is looking to move to get more indoor space, but it is been difficult as she can’t bring herself to give up the beautiful terrace. The good news for her, and others looking to sell properties with outdoor space, is that you will almost always get more money for an apartment with a sizable outdoor area.

One negative associated with larger outdoor spaces is that your monthly charges are likely higher than an apartment without, but it is well worth the expense, in my opinion, as it has both personal and resale benefits.


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