Advice Number 2

My second advice to be able to achieve every thing in one day Make a to do list on your calendar every night, like this you won’t forget what you have to do during the day. Day goes really fast and you want to make sure you have done 90% that is on your list. The to do list will help you to focus and move on much faster.  

Juggling between raising my kids and Real Estate my other full time Job!

I am starting a New exciting Blog helping Mothers raising their kids and be successful business Women. I am a full time Mother of 4, all born in 5 years time!  I get parents calling me, asking me for advise on how I raise my kids, cause I guess my kids are “special’ That’s what I hear over and over. And unfortunately Parents think there is a magic potion to give to the kids. My number 1 advice is to […]