Why You Need A Realtor

Why You Need A Realtor

Category: New York City

Vanessa Gad

Choosing a real estate agent to help you you buy or sell real estate in New York is imperative for your success. Why? Because…

Real Estate Is Complex

Buying or selling real estate in New York is a complex process, one that includes:

  • Disclosure Forms
  • Inspection Reports
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Insurance Policies
  • Closing Statements
  • Contract Writing
  • Due Diligence
Trying to do this on your own cannot on be difficult, but time consuming and possibly detrimental to your investment and finances. Choosing Gad Realty to help guide you through the home buying or selling process can help you avoid delays and costly mistakes. Why?

Real Estate Is Time Consuming

In New York, even in a strong market, New York City apartments stay on the market for atleast 60 days. Can you afford to give up 60 days of your schedule negotiating and marketing? Once an offer is made, add 30 to 60 more days before the deal is closed and an offer is accepted.

Real Estate Has It’s Own Language

CMA, Transfer Tax, and COE are all just a few words that real estate professionals speak along the way. If you don’t know the lingo, which can be overwhelming, you need a real estate agent.

Real Estate Changes Fast

Even experienced real estate agents have to keep up with new laws and regulations to make sure they are in compliance. Every market is different, every neighborhood is different and every loan is different. Even if you have bought or sold real estate before, it isn’t the same as before. Having a Gad Realty agent on your side whose living is based on knowing the ins and outs of real estate is crucial to a successful transaction.

Real Estate Agents Are Objective

Buying or selling real estate is an emotional process for a buyer or seller. Sometimes emotions can dictate decisions in pricing and negotiations. When people try to put a price on home, family, lifestyle, etc… well, they are not always in their right minds. Having an objective real estate agent from Gad Realty can help you stay focused and reach realistic goals.


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