How to Get the Apartment Rental You Want via

How to Get the Apartment Rental You Want via

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Vanessa Gad

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Looking an apartment rental in New York can be stressful situation — so stressful, in fact, that many people settle for an apartment that they really don’t want.  Your apartment is your home, and you should neversettle for an apartment that does not fit your lifestyle.  The key to getting the apartment you really want is having a good agent and being willing to make decisions quickly.

The New York City rental market is in a unique place right now. First, living in the city itself is a more popular idea now as it’s ever been. Second, the housing recession has reached its end. And lastly, we’re still at the tail-end of some of the busiest months in New York real estate — May through September.

Find an Agent that Knows Your Target Neighborhood

First, you need to find an agent that knows the neighborhood you want to live in. He or she will be able to show you as many apartments on the market within your area as are available.

One Month Ahead Is Plenty of Time
If you are looking to move in November don’t start looking before September. It will be a waste of time! Whenever an apartment is well priced, in good condition and it hits the market, it will be gone in a day or two.


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