Gerard Bianco Jr.

Gerard Bianco Jr. is a New York native, raised in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. With family and friends also living in Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island, he has a unique insight into the city’s various neighborhoods. Gerard has worked in sales since he was teenager, working in his father’s jewelry stores in Manhattan and in Portland, Maine. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from St. John’s University. Gerard also is an award winning filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, and started his own film production company in 2011. Producing and directing films have provided Gerard with invaluable experience in not only visual creativity, but also in building relationships. Gerard has always been passionate about real estate, growing up in a family that bought, sold and managed properties. He is intuitive in identifying potential in a property or in a neighborhood. Gerard’s goal is to keep his clients happy and comfortable. He prides himself on having a good eye for quality and aesthetics, and he loves to help his clients surpass their expectations. Dedicated, patient, and caring, Gerard truly goes above and beyond for his clients. He has traveled extensively and has made friends all over the world. His travels have enriched his knowledge of history, art, cuisine, languages, and international culture.

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