Jobs In Real Estate – How To Work From Home in New York

Jobs In Real Estate – How To Work From Home in New York

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Vanessa Gad

jobs in real estateNew York Jobs In Real Estate – How To Work From Home

The New York real estate market is on the rise, perfect for anyone looking for jobs in real estate . Real estate agents have flexible schedules, and can work from the comfort of home, and agents have the opportunity to become extremely successful in New York real estate in just a short matter of time. New York homes, especially in Manhattan are expensive, and this means a hefty commission for the agent. Today, many jobs in real estate allow New York agents work virtually, which is both cost effective and time saving.

Step 1 – Obtain a Real Estate License

In order qualify for jobs in real estate as a agent in New York, you must first take the required courses and pass your real estate exam. The New York Real Estate Institute offers the required courses as well as courses for continued education. They are also the only school in New York that offers recruitment opportunities with some of New York’s top real estate brokerage firms. The classes are taught by experienced professionals who already have jobs in real estate, and they offer both online and classroom settings. The online option is a great choice for anyone who has a day job or family commitments and would prefer taking courses from home.

Real estate agents are required to complete 75 hours of training, and they must pass the New York State licensing exam. They must also be sponsored by a licensed broker, and hold a clean criminal record. Once the required courses are complete and the agent has passed their state exam, they can start seeking work in the New York real estate market.

Many agents are able to secure jobs in real estate with their sponsor, and others will work independently. Agents can conduct much of their business, including setting appointments for showings and conducting virtual meetings, from the comfort of their own homes, which is a definite plus to working as an independent real estate agent. It may take a while before an agent has multiple listings and clients, which is why networking is extremely important in the real estate business. Agents introduce themselves to the community in a variety of ways, including cold calling, internet marketing, and conducting open houses.

Step 2 – Find A New York Cloud Based Real Estate Brokerages

Finding jobs in real estate at virtual brokerages are is a winning situation. Cloud based real estate brokerages in New York allow agents to work from the comfort of their homes, save money on overhead, as well as increase productivity by focusing on networking and bringing in new clients. Cloud-based companies are becoming increasingly popular, as they eliminate the need for landlines, and using a virtual platform means agents can access all of the company information from their phones, laptops, and pretty much any hand held media device. Jobs in real estate are on the rise, as the housing market is on an upswing, and working as an agent in New York can open up the door for a variety of job opportunities.

Step 3 – Start Making Money As A New York Real Estate Agent

Once you choose one of the many jobs in real estate , you  can definitely make a nice income. In New York, commissions can be very high, especially on million dollar homes and apartments. It is important to note that just because an agent has obtained their license, this does not mean that they will be immediately bringing home hefty commissions. The average salary for a New York real estate agent is around $130,000 a year, but this amount definitely varies. Successful agents who have been working jobs in real estate for a long time can make a lot more than the average, and new agents may make less than the average. This is why networking is so important in the real estate industry.

Finding and landing jobs in real estate t in New York can definitely be exciting, and the possibility of making a lot of money is very high. By taking the proper steps in obtaining a license, agents can enjoy the freedom of working from home while earning a very comfortable income.

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