Jobs In Real Estate – How To Work From Home in New York

New York Jobs In Real Estate – How To Work From Home The New York real estate market is on the rise, perfect for anyone looking for jobs in real estate . Real estate agents have flexible schedules, and can work from the comfort of home, and agents have the opportunity to become extremely successful in New York real estate in just a short matter of time. New York homes, especially in Manhattan are expensive, and this means a hefty […]

How To Be A Real Estate Agent In New York

Learn How to be a Real Estate Agent in New York Real estate agents are the individuals working for and supervised by a real estate broker at the brokerage. If you are interested in knowing how to be a real estate agent in the State of New York, you’ll need to pass its examination for candidates before you can pick up the license. Education and Licensing You must be licensed as a real estate salesperson by the Division of Licensing […]

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

Ready to buy your first piece of New York Real Estate? Great. But before you get started, here are few 8 tips to keep your head out of the clouds and keep your feet on the pavement. The dream home does exist, but you may have to work a little after your home purchase to get it. Bottom line, its okay to be strict about what you want, but you need to be realistic. Even if your home is custom […]

Why You Need A Realtor

Choosing a real estate agent to help you you buy or sell real estate in New York is imperative for your success. Why? Because… Real Estate Is Complex Buying or selling real estate in New York is a complex process, one that includes: Disclosure Forms Inspection Reports Mortgage Documents Insurance Policies Closing Statements Contract Writing Due Diligence Trying to do this on your own cannot on be difficult, but time consuming and possibly detrimental to your investment and finances. Choosing Gad […]

10 Home Staging Tips

Staging a home can affect the listing price and offers coming in for your home. Here are 10 staging tips you can utilize to make sure you put your best foot forward in this competitive market. Curb Appeal – It’s not just for the suburbs. The first impression you make is critical. What does it say about your house? Minor details can make a big difference. As a realtor is fumbling with the lock box, your potential buyer is noticing the […]